Design: Young Adults Spring 2011 Brochure


I actually finished this informational brochure for Young Adults at church right before Spring Break, but I am now finally getting around to posting it. This design is actually one I had on hand from a previous first run at making the same brochure for last summer, but at the time I wasn’t really feeling it. I made some significant modifications to finally get it to the place where I finally was feeling it though, and I am pleased with how it turned out.

Everything in this (sans the text) is hand-drawn, and I have been finding recently that such a direction has become a style I am becoming more and more comfortable with. Granted, I am certainly in no danger of being mistaken for a talented illustrator, but hopefully the overall designs can make up for my lack of illustrative prowess.

For this one, I just wanted something bright and happy to give that sort of ‘yay!’ that the warm-ness of spring can bring to the world and your soul after the dreary and draining months of cold and winter.

If you are so inclined, a larger version in which some of the details are more evident is located here.


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