The Second Day


the second day

there was a day
when the world was born
that the sky fell down
and its canopy stretched beyond
the futilely grasping hands of sight

the light danced for joy
upon the limitless oceans of heaven
to reach into the newborn
womb of life

chaos’ reign was overthrown
as the waters that once engulfed
all in darkness were now made anew in radiance,
to quench the thirst
of a world that would bear
the image of God

someday the waters
will make the divine image anew,
for the same dove still hovers
over the seas that open forth into eternity;
the breath of heaven rushes to fill the expanse
as the earth comes alive

winds that carry heaven’s fragrance
air of sweet, unending life
you still breathe in the air

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By deviantmonk

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