The Most Interesting Man on Earth


Another installment for the Faith Like a Child series. This one is essentially a highlight reel of Moses’ life.

Megan and I were talking about it the other day, and she remarked that Moses probably had the most interesting and adventurous life of anybody who has ever lived. Let’s consider a few highlights:

+ slated to be murdered as a baby, but saved when his mom put him in a basket and floated him down a river
+ found by an Egyptian princess and adopted into the royal family
+ discovered his relatives were actually the slaves of the Egyptian people
+ killed a guy
+ went into voluntary exile, became a shepherd
+ talked to God in the form of a burning bush
+ received the power to perform signs
+ went back to Egypt and confronted Pharoah, demanding the release of his people
+ called down 10 plagues that devastated a powerful nation
+ escaped from the angel of death
+ parted the sea
+ went up a mountain to talk to God again
+ got the 10 commandments
+ gave an entire nation its set of laws
+ led an entire nation through an unknown wilderness
+ water from rock
+ manna and quail
+ bronze snake on a stick
+ saw an earthquake that swallowed rebellious people
+ pillar of cloud and fire

There are other things, but that’s just a sampling. Moses must have needed a lot of naps.

Enjoy. And as Moses would say to the Egyptian army: “Stay thirsty, my friends.”

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