The Fourth Day


the fourth day

the memory in the mind of the world
will forever look with fondness
upon the day when God taught the universe to sing-
their voices carried upon the wild eternal wind
to be burning images of the light

the night was born under the borrowed rays of the moon
in the cool of the sun’s slumber;
the mimicry of God’s glory
offered itself to warm the future home of deity,
to give light to the one who conceived of its essence

this unending waltz in the heavens
ransomed stillborn time
and gave us a season for everything,
to work and to play
to love and to hate
to live and to die

the universe is vast in its array
but cannot silence the stars
who guide our ships upon the seas
and chart the path to heaven’s shores
until their song whispers its final note
and awaits its maker to sing anew

praises rise from countless stars
the sun and moon dance for you
you dance for joy over all you have made

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By deviantmonk

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