The First Day


Back when I was first out of college I would spend many of the cold Michigan winter nights writing songs and trying my hand at poetry. During one particularly snow-packed couple of days I had the opportunity to meditate on the creation story in Genesis 1, and decided to put it to verse. Now, I have no pretensions of being a poet, and none of mine really have meter or rhyme, so they are a lot more free-flowing.

Anyway, as I happened upon these while digging through the hard drive of my old computer, I thought it would be interesting (to myself at least) to go over them again, re-work them a little bit, and then share.


the first day

in the stillness of eternity
without a sound or motion-
the breath of heaven
upon the unbroken surface
of the fathomless deep;
the fingers of God began
to shape what would become
from that which had never been

the nothingness groaned,
awakened from its infinite slumber;
aghast as it sprang forth into being
like the blooms of spring set free
from winter’s unrelenting chains

a fiery likeness of divinity
raced forth to set the limits
of the expanse that would be
home to the stars,
and darkness surrendered at last
in its final chaotic cry

light fills the skies
light fills the heavens
light so brilliant and so good
yet fails to veil the brightness
of the Word which loosed its fetters
and flung it forth to bring
existence to the universe

the Word shines brighter still;
you still shine in the light

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By deviantmonk

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