The Door


Two days ago Megan came across an amazing find at the Prairie Village Antique Mall- an actual barn door! And not just one, but two!

The best part was that the door itself was only $30. Score.

Now, inquiring readers may at this very moment be wondering what the discovery and purchase of a barn door would provoke such an exclamatory burst on an otherwise unassuming and toned-down blog.

Basically, we’ve been looking for something like for quite some time. In case you didn’t know, Megan has a food blog, and we are always looking for great backgrounds for foot photography set-ups. Old wood functions wonderfully for this purpose, but it’s not always easy to find, at least in a size big enough to be useful. Old and worn wood is great for food shots because it is somewhat of a neutral background which doesn’t cast unwanted colors onto otherwise colorful food, and it is fairly non-reflective, which aids in focusing the eye on the subject rather than bouncing around to all the reflections and ambient occlusion that occurs.

Anyway, it is slightly smaller than a regular door, and so for now it is a decorative part of our bedroom, leaning up against one of the walls. We decided to test it out a bit, and I was quite happy with how it works for portraits. Of course, having a beautiful wife helps with that a lot!


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