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On a whim today we decided to hit up Foody’s and try out their biscuits and gravy. To be fair, we had been playing through a dungeon on Elder Scrolls Online and got stymied about halfway through (and, of course, it was the mage’s fault; it’s ALWAYS the mage’s fault…), and so I thought some b+g might be a good pick-me-up.

I was at first a little worried that they wouldn’t be serving them any more (we didn’t arrive until about 12:30), but evidently Foody’s serves breakfast all day, which is already a +1 in my book. I’ll also note that Foody’s has a great casual and laid-back atmosphere, which is a nice change of pace from time to time.

Foody’s also likes to serve big portions, and so I got a large plate of b+g goodness. Here is an image of what you get:


Overall Taste and Presentation

At first glance I could tell that this was going to be what I would call “classic” biscuits and gravy. There are the standard buttermilk biscuits covered in a creamy sausage gravy that is seasoned with some ground pepper flakes. One certainly wouldn’t call it “gourmet,” but one might also argue that biscuits and gravy aren’t intended to be gourmet.

What you see is pretty much what you get with this dish; I opted not to add roasted potatoes to it as I just wanted to try out the biscuits and gravy. Well, that and I just stole some from Megan… (By the way, Foody’s has some great salsa which pairs well with their Veggie Omelette.)

The Biscuits

As with most classic biscuits and gravy dishes, the biscuit often is meant to be more of a medium for the gravy; it’s a tough balance to strike between the biscuit having enough flavor to complement the gravy and having too much so as to make the dish feel over seasoned. I think Foody’s does a good job with that balance here in the biscuit side of the equation; they have enough flavor to be noticeable in the dish and carry their own weight, but they are subtle enough in flavor presence to not make the dish feel too heavy.

Unfortunately, my particular dish had some rather inconsistent biscuits.

Two of them were a bit singed on the bottom, which made them slightly more difficult to cut through. The upside to those two biscuits, however, was that the top of each biscuit had a nice crunch and helped give the dish a bit of texture to cut through the creaminess of the gravy.

The other two didn’t have the singed bottom, but also didn’t feel quite fully done. They weren’t exactly too doughy, but these biscuits just didn’t have either the outside crunch or the flakiness on the inside that really makes the biscuits work in this kind of dish. Even though the first two were a little crispy on the bottom, overall I think I preferred them.

I did greatly appreciate that the biscuits didn’t get too mushy in the dish. With classic b+g one huge danger is that the whole dish can feel like a plate of mush once the biscuits cool, but these ones retained their form and complemented the gravy well.

The Gravy

The gravy for classic biscuits and gravy tends to be on the creamy side, and this dish was no exception. One danger with a creamy interpretation is that the gravy can feel more watery than creamy, but this one had enough body to it to remain fully on the creamy end of the spectrum. It had a nice consistency which didn’t feel too heavy or too light.

Sausage and ground pepper form the bulk of the seasoning, and so one can usually expect a bit of a spicy bite with this kind of interpretation. There are a fair amount of sausage chunks within the gravy, although I would have preferred a few more.

As with the biscuits, however, my gravy was a bit on the inconsistent side. My first bite was somewhat underwhelming, as all I really tasted was cream and biscuit. I finally located some of the sausage flavor, but within the gravy itself it was a little hard to find. On my second bite I got mostly pepper, gravy and biscuit, but after mixing it around a little bit it finally started to get more consistent.

The flavor was overall good; again, having that classic biscuits and gravy savor about it. And while I was able to taste the sausage when I specifically ate a little piece by itself, overall it wasn’t making its presence known as much as I would have liked. I think the creaminess of the gravy¬†probably needed¬†something else to really make it stand out a little more; when I got some pepper in a bite with it they was some flavor enhancement, but overall the gravy was perhaps a little on the bland side, at least for my tastes.


Overall Foody’s has a really nice take on classic biscuits and gravy. One gets a generous amount of gravy with some biscuits which, as far as texture and build are concerned, complement the creaminess of the gravy quite nicely. It would have been nice if the biscuits had a bit more consistency in their preparation, as well as perhaps a tad more flakiness.

While this is a big dish, it’s not a terribly heavy dish. After eating all of it I didn’t feel awful or weighed down or anything like that, which is definitely a point in its favor. I would have preferred a bit more bite from the gravy, as well as having the flavor of the sausage and spiciness of the pepper more fully integrated into each bite to really bring those flavors more the foreground and cut through the creaminess of the gravy just a bit more.

All in all a good dish and one that you will enjoy if you are a fan of classic biscuits and gravy.

B+G Rating: 6/10

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