The Biscuits and Gravy Review: Eggtc.


I was in the mood for some biscuits and gravy today, and so I decided to browse some reviews of various locations featuring this delectable offering. In my search I found some lists of the best places in KC to get biscuits and gravy, and my curiosity was thus duly piqued.

Unfortunately, almost every one was downtown or farther north, and given the short window of time I was unsure that my penchant for biscuits and gravy would be indulged today. However, I eventually noticed that #8 on the list had a location in Shawnee, which was doable for my schedule. Add to this that Megan had been there before and liked their food, brunch was about to commence.

On one of the lists I was looking at, Eggtc. came in at #8, which isn’t too shabby with as many culinary options as Kansas City has. So naturally I had to find out if it was worthy of this designation. This is what you get:


Overall Presentation

Upon receiving the biscuits and gravy my first thought was these would likely fall on the more traditional side of the spectrum, with perhaps a bit of an added zing. The normal order comes with one biscuit and the potatoes, but I opted for two. Note: These biscuits are pretty substantial, so unless you are really hungry or don’t want the potatoes, you’ll probably get by with the one biscuit.

(Side note: I thought the breakfast potatoes were a little too french fry-y for my taste.)

The two biscuits come in four halves, and you can see that there is a substantial amount of gravy. There are a good deal of sausage chunks in this dish, although they tend to be on the smaller size. There’s nothing terribly exciting to look at on this plate, but it is biscuits and gravy after all. 🙂 A little bit of extra color in there might have been nice, but by no means a deal-breaker for me.

The Biscuits

The biscuits are essentially your standard buttermilk biscuits, although I thought they might have had a little bit more of the buttery taste going on. The edges had a decent crunch, although not necessarily as much as I tend to prefer. These biscuits aren’t super heavy, but they are reasonably substantial. The flavor complements the gravy pretty well; I was worried that the buttery-ness of the biscuits would make the gravy feel even more creamy than it is and cause it to be too salty, but I think there is a nice balance struck here.

The biscuits could have been a little crispier and flakier; as I first started eating this was the case but within only a minute or two the biscuits began to feel a little bit mushy, but certainly not doughy. This meant that the initial texture distinction quickly departed. I’m not sure that this would be altogether unavoidable given the nature of the gravy, and it doesn’t affect the overall taste, but perhaps if the biscuits had been just a bit crispier each bite would have been more texturally consistent.

The Gravy

This dish uses chorizo sausage, which while perhaps a departure from traditional B+G is a great choice in this dish. The chorizo really brings a bite to the gravy, and the chili peppers used in the chorizo add a good amount of spice without making this dish overly “hot.”

The gravy itself is infused with the chorizo and the chili which helps to give the gravy consistency with each bite. While you will definitely get an added kick in a bite with some sausage chunks, each bite nevertheless has that chorizo flavor coming through with the chilis also having good presence. I think that the smaller chunks of chorizo help to pull this off and more evenly distribute the flavor.

This gravy is on the thicker side, but it still has a nice creaminess to it. It didn’t feel overly heavy, and I think the chorizo helped to cut back on the cream flavor so that the bites felt consistently like sausage gravy and not just like eating cream, even if there weren’t any sausage chunks in the bite. There is a good amount of gravy here; definitely enough for the biscuits and- as a bonus- for the potatoes. A caution here though: given that the potatoes are very french fry-y in flavor, mixing them with the gravy gets a bit salty. But if you like things more on the salty side then you’ll find this added bonus worthwhile.


Eggtc. has created a really nice B+G dish that has a lot of traditional flair but has an extra flavor punch with the chorizo and chili. I enjoyed that the flavor of the gravy was consistent throughout and that the chorizo and chili were always present and proportionally evidenced. The biscuits make a nice complement to and medium for the gravy, although I’d prefer they be a bit crispier for a more consistently diverse texture in the dish.

So far, Eggtc.’s B+G is definitely deserving of its #8 position.

B+G Rating: 8/10

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