Hyper Light Drifter Review

We all have our demons to face down, and sometimes words fall short of expressing what is existentially wrought. In fact, often times words would only muddy what otherwise exists in a state of perfect and serene clarity.  And even 16-bit sprites can’t always outrun the shadows. Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine is a hack-and-slash pixel art adventure that offers no words but instead...

I Took An Arrow In The Knee

I have to admit to being a pretty big Skyrim fan. I am currently on my fifth character, a Khajiit archer who is quickly leveling up his Sneak ability. Eventually I will level up his Smithing and Enchanting skills enough so that I can craft a Dragonbone bow that has both Lightning and Soul Capture abilities, a necklace and ring that gives me +40 Archery and health (each), and a Dragonbone helmet...

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