Dealing With Yourself as a Designer: Creative Blocks

My biggest frustration as a designer has always been the dreaded creative block. I’m all set to work on a project, and as I sit down (or stand up, with my new standing desk- woohoo!) to start working on ideas, and suddenly: Nothing. I’ll spend the next hours (or sometimes even days) banging my head against this creative wall, hoping that something jars loose and I can actually get started. And of...

Lent, Life, and Learning to Love God

The following is a guest post by my wife Megan. This year, I approached the Lenten season very differently than I have in the past. For the last 6 months my husband has been in and out of the hospital from intense chemotherapy and the day-to-day grind and “restrictions list” we have had to cope with seems like a grueling mile long survival guide. When Ash Wednesday finally came about...

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