Learning Theology with Carmina Gadelica: The Holy Spirit

Part One: The Trinity Part Two: Christ Part Three: Christian Hope As is plainly apparent in the previous installments, the theology of Carmina Gadelica does not treat faith or theology as an abstraction, but tends to concretize it into everyday life. We see invocations of the Trinity, of the Father, Christ, and the Spirit intermingled with seemingly innocuous everyday tasks like smooring a fire...

The Water and The Kiln

This edition of my church father paraphrases comes from Didymus the Blind, born in the early fourth century and the eventual head of the celebrated catechetical school in Alexandria. Although he became blind at age four and never learned to read, he was nevertheless one of the most learned men of his time, having committed vast amounts of scripture, history, philosophy and the like to memory. It...


There are rare moments in life where you come to a place of complete clarity, when suddenly the disparate pieces of reality seem to fit together and at least one thing makes sense of it all. I have had precious few moments like this, but one of the most memorable occurred when I was 16. (Kind reader will forgive a story probably recounted elsewhere, and thoughts refined from previous posts.) I...

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