Don’t Be A Dummy, Idiot!

I have written more than I probably should have on credit cards and debt, given my lack of financial training and acumen. And since I have written about these things and share them on the interwebs, naturally my internet search results and Facebook ads invariably tend toward these types of items with great frequency. And so from time to time I see links pop up showcasing “THE OMG BEST CREDIT...

Gotta Give ‘Em Credit

I don’t normally make a habit of clicking on the obnoxious ads at the bottom of articles. I actually try and make sure to never visit any ad that is contextualized via either Facebook or the ever ubiquitous tentacles of The Google. However, today I couldn’t help but click through to what I assumed would be something ridiculous, an ad for an article entitled Top 3 Reasons to Get A New Credit Card...

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