Before the Busy-ness

I’ve noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in my own life. In the far too infrequent times when I’m able to get together with family or friends, there’s always the obligatory question of “how have you been?” or “what have you been up to? And while obligatory pleasantries perhaps merit only obligatory responses, too often I find myself resorting to saying “I’ve just been really busy.” I’ve said it...

Motion: 2011 VBC Missions

VBC 2011 Missions Video from deviantmonk on Vimeo. I created this video for KiDSCOR’s 2011 VBC Missions project, which is providing clean water to families in the village of El Obraje, Honduras. I chose to go with a crisp and clean aesthetic for this one, since the theme is water. As far as I remember, all of the graphics were generated within Motion, which is a change from my normal method...

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