Christian Mythstory: Hymns and Drinking Songs

One very common bit of Christian mythstory- which is as recent as it is misguided- concerns hymns and their origins. That this particular myth is likely only as old as the so-called worship wars of the late 20th century (saints preserve us) is perhaps coincidental, yet for its relatively recent nativity it has nevertheless anchored itself into the accepted wisdom which allows other mythstories to...

Christian Mythstory: Easter Part 2

A couple years ago I took a look at the ‘Christian Mythstory’ of the pagan roots of Easter, demonstrating such a notion to be bogus. In the intervening time I have revisited this post and had some additional thoughts which I thought might warrant further consideration. A brief recap- the ‘Easter is pagan’ mythstory takes it as an assumption that most- if not all- Christian liturgical celebrations...

Christian Mythstory: Easter

Every so often I come across articles like this around Easter time. While certainly not billed as a bit of reporting and also a couple of years old, the title struck me as the sort of link-bait for which the internet exists. The article appears in a section called Comment is Free: Indeed it is, and one certainly gets what one pays for. I have always been taken aback by these types of mythstories...

Christian Mythstory: Galileo

Of all the extant Christian mythstories, none is perhaps so pernicious as that involving the famed Galileo Galilei. For the modern mythmaker, Galileo’s trial and condemnation is often seen as the sine qua non of the inherent and irreconcilable conflict between science and faith. The mythstory makes for exciting drama: the brilliant and committed scientist unafraid to stare truth in the face...

Christian Mythstory: Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Stockings are filled with goodies, cups overflow with eggnog, and people embrace the spirit of peace and goodwill, assuming they have all the shopping done and don’t have to fight throngs of angry consumers trying to get that last minute item.
Oh, and we celebrate that Jesus was born. Now, back to the festivities!

Christian Mythstory: The Library of Alexandria

In the epochal historical thriller National Treasure, Nicholas Cage portrays himself portraying Ben Gates, a poorly acted Indiana Jones imposter. (But I repeat myself.) Near the end in the payoff scene where he and his motley collection of treasure hunters finally find ‘the treasure,’ a startling discovery is made on a medium-sized shelf. “Hey guys, I found the lost scrolls from...

Christian Mythstory: Hallowe’en

One particularly annoying yet amusing feature of the internet is the general lack of historical awareness, especially as it regards Christian history. Often the popularized conceptions that amount to common knowledge are woefully inadequate, in need of additional nuance, or simply laughably mistaken. With sublime regularity the historical caricatures are fashioned into rhetorical bludgeons, in...

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