Learning Theology With Carmina Gadelica: Christian Hope

Part One: The Trinity Part Two: Christ In the previous installment, it was seen that Christ in the theology of the Carmina Gadelica was viewed not merely as a historical figure engaged in historical acts, but rather those acts were understood in an also-happening-now sense. Theology was something that permeated life as it was lived in all its myriad facets, and no more so than in death. Hope has...

Lament of Faith

One of the spiritual practices that I have been engaging in over the last few months has been to utilize the Liturgy of the Hours. While I have had a passing a familiarity with this over the last few years of my life, my present health circumstances have lent a new impetus to the practice. Much of my medication over the last few months has made it extremely difficult to concentrate and focus...

Jason Watson

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