Learning Theology with Carmina Gadelica: The Holy Spirit

Part One: The Trinity Part Two: Christ Part Three: Christian Hope As is plainly apparent in the previous installments, the theology of Carmina Gadelica does not treat faith or theology as an abstraction, but tends to concretize it into everyday life. We see invocations of the Trinity, of the Father, Christ, and the Spirit intermingled with seemingly innocuous everyday tasks like smooring a fire...

Even E.T. Needs Jesus

Speculation about the nature of extraterrestrial life is perhaps fascinating, posing all kinds of intriguing questions. In a recent article entitled Is Your Religion Ready To Meet ET?, we are served up a volley of “cosmotheological” questions that the author believes will be appropriate and no longer merely speculative after (or, better put, if) we ever discover conclusive scientific proof for...

Leap To The Stars

In my previous musings I considered why no one will get to heaven, precisely because heaven is not a place to get but rather a person to obtain; more specifically, God himself. Our difficulty as fallen creatures is that our desires are usually so half-hearted and tepid that we flit from love to love with no solidity of desire nor constancy of will, carried along by the gusts of our cravings and...

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