Seasons After Fall Review

If you were an innocent forest creature suddenly possessed by a spirit intent on jettisoning the cycle of seasons in favor of her own misguided ends, what might you be feeling? And if that disembodied spirit looked down over your now lifeless body, would you wish for it back? These are a few questions not exactly posed by Seasons After Fall, a 2D puzzle-platformer released by Swing Swing...

UnRavel Review

UnRavel is a part-platform, part-puzzle game for Xbox One. The protagonist is Yarny, a self-aware bundle of yarn attempting to reclaim lost memories and piece together the joys and losses of a family through a lifetime. Your journey takes you through fields and forests and industrial waste dumping grounds, all suffused with beauty and regret. Gameplay  The game mechanic is fairly simple...

Abzu Review

Every so often you have a chance to play a game that is so unconventional that it really stays with you. Abzu is one of those games. I recently had a chance to play through it, and wanted to write a mini-review. While there are some elements of conventional gameplay in Abzu (some light puzzle-ing, do this action to open this door, exploration etc.), at its core it feels much more like an exercise...

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