Abzu Review

Every so often you have a chance to play a game that is so unconventional that it really stays with you. Abzu is one of those games. I recently had a chance to play through it, and wanted to write a mini-review. While there are some elements of conventional gameplay in Abzu (some light puzzle-ing, do this action to open this door, exploration etc.), at its core it feels much more like an exercise...

A Good Epilogue is Hard to Find

The Harry Potter film series was pretty well done. Even though purists might balk at this, I found that every departure from the books in the film versions was an intelligent move and wonderfully improved upon the at-times convoluted plots. I was shocked, therefore, to come to the end of the The Deathly Hallows only to find that they simply couldn’t leave well enough alone- they had to...

Motion: Going Fishing

This is a promotional video I made for Church of the Resurrection’s upcoming series Going Fishing. Nothing too out of the ordinary for me, but I thought it was kind of fun.

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