UnRavel Review

UnRavel is a part-platform, part-puzzle game for Xbox One. The protagonist is Yarny, a self-aware bundle of yarn attempting to reclaim lost memories and piece together the joys and losses of a family through a lifetime. Your journey takes you through fields and forests and industrial waste dumping grounds, all suffused with beauty and regret. Gameplay  The game mechanic is fairly simple...

Against Enthusiasm

In his Gospel, St. John reveals on several occasions just how fickle the adulation of the crowd could be for Jesus. A prominent example exists following the feeding of the five thousand, in which Jesus steals away to the other side of the lake, only to find that the crowd has enthusiastically followed him, enough to bother with the hassle of getting in their own boats and searching for him. They...

How to Use Music With Video

If you create videos on a regular basis, you’ve no doubt discovered the importance of a great soundtrack. Usually more than anything else, the music you use will be what either sells the video on an emotional level or causes it to fall flat. The visuals are- of course- extremely important. But music has a way of connecting with your audience on a deeper level, often in ways that they don’t even...

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