Learning Theology with Carmina Gadelica: The Communion of Saints

Part One: The Trinity Part Two: Christ Part Three: Christian Hope Part Four: Holy Spirit Gaelic lands were infused with saints: Ireland had its St. Patrick and was deemed the land of ten thousand saints; Scotland was evangelized by St. Columba (Colum Cille) and St. Brigid (Bride) of Kildare. These figures infused the imagination, both elaborating and embellishing upon their real and/or legendary...

Even E.T. Needs Jesus

Speculation about the nature of extraterrestrial life is perhaps fascinating, posing all kinds of intriguing questions. In a recent article entitled Is Your Religion Ready To Meet ET?, we are served up a volley of “cosmotheological” questions that the author believes will be appropriate and no longer merely speculative after (or, better put, if) we ever discover conclusive scientific proof for...

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