Against Enthusiasm

In hisĀ Gospel, St. John reveals on several occasions just how fickle the adulation of the crowd could be for Jesus. A prominent example exists following the feeding of the five thousand, in which Jesus steals away to the other side of the lake, only to find that the crowd has enthusiastically followed him, enough to bother with the hassle of getting in their own boats and searching for him. They...

No More Heroes

Never did he go forth to the place of gathering, where men win glory, nor ever to war, but wasted away his own heart, as he tarried where he was; and he longed for the war-cry and the battle. In these verses of Homer we find the hero Achilles having what amounts to a temper tantrum. Agamemnon, having been forced by Achilles to return his bride to assuage a plague ravaging the Greeks, returns the...

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