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Every so often I like to wade through the comments that WordPress automatically sends straight to the spam folder for the sheer amusement of it. Below are some of most amusing with comments.


I’d be likely to bestow with you on this. Which is not something I commonly do! I unusually like reading a mail that compel make people think. Also, thanks in the service of allowing me to make reference to my capacity! (Feel free to reference your capacity any time!)

So cool! We’re getting married June 19 2010! (submitted Oct 5, 2011)

“Can miles truly separate you from friends… If you want to be with someone you love, aren’t you already there?” ~ Richard Bach (Only if you have the capacity for bi-location.) brings back smile on my face (happy to oblige!) is my TOP8 website! (what are the other 7???)

I especially like your last paragraph – and I did start a blog – two in fact – just a few months ago! I always write letters to my children at Christmas – sometimes more often, but at least once a year. They know their letters will be in their stockings! Probably wouldn’t do anything you said not to – just a little bit inhibited! But that’s just me. Congratulations on being freshly pressed! (Thanks! Being freshly pressed is a definite priority for me.)

Exactly where performed you will find the following format? (I think you answered your own question…)

Great accumulating of advantageous links, accoutrement and resources. Thanks for the astern nights and assimilation in adequate others. (I make it a policy to only assimilate others who are adequate. We’re not barbarians, after all…)

What if I told you could AUTOMATE your blogging completely and start profiting from it? Did it sparkle your interest? (My interest is nothing if not sparkled.)

One more way is to compare initial the difference between important oils and perfume oils. Usually keep in mind that essentially the most powerful means on how to use aromatherapy is to implement it naturally. Crucial oils can give you therapeutic advantages while perfume oils are utilized for sheer enjoyment only. Meaning, it can be greater to choose the one that may benefit you the most. (Can I use this as a guest post? I have always found the distinction between important oils and perfume oils hard to parse, but you have done so with both brevity and aplomb.)

The site is incredibly dull. Everyday living continues. (hmmm…maybe this wasn’t actually a spam comment…)

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