Today I was browsing through the comments in the spam folder on my blog as I am wont to from time to time. Lately they have become rather uninteresting, as most tend to be rather lengthy ads for various products, mostly shoes and rhinestone bedazzled handbags.

However, from time to time a real gem (not a rhinestone…) of a spam comment pops up. In this particular one the robot leaving the comment seemed to be rather confused, in that it vacillated between complimenting me, disparaging my writing and accusing me of plagiarism. All in one spam comment.

Anyway, it was too delightful to not share. Here are a few of its more notable appraisals of my blog, followed by some of my snarky commentary.

I’m a long time watcher and I just believed I’d drop by and say hello there for your very first time.

Thanks for dropping by, but even more, thanks for believing that you dropped by!

I can agree with the article

As can I.

I am looking for a competent writer, long time in this area. Excellent article!

Based upon the syntax error in this sentence, how would you know when you found one?

I have read not one article on your blog. You’re a big lad


Hey, buddy, I have not figured out how to subscribe

That’s because you’re an idiot, buddy.

I am a long time ago I read your blog and has long been saying that you’re a great writer

Wow! How long ago are you?

Say “thanks” to your parents that they gave you the world

Thanks Mom and Dad!

It’s super blog, I want to be like you

Thanks, so do I. Wait, I already am… sucker!

Subscribed to your blog, thanks

I thought you couldn’t figure out how to subscribe…

I will not talk about your competence, the article simply disgusting

Agreed. Let’s not talk about my competence.

You just copied someone else’s story

Probably. History often has a way of being someone else’s story.

This is the worst article of all, I’ve read

Thank you, I said.

You are the worst writer

Indisputably so.

Thank you, this is the worst thing I’ve read

You’re welcome!

I would like to uslysht a little more on this topic

I don’t really want to know what that means…

This is a set of words, not an essay. you are incompetent

O look, a set of words!

My spouse and I stumbled over here different website and thought I should check things out.

The two of you should try not drinking so much.


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