Serenity the Scorpion


rezlife is starting a new series after spring break entitled ‘Grosser than Gross.’ My first stab at art direction for this series was a little too dark, so I decided to go with a cute and cuddly, albeit deadly scorpion named Serenity. Character videos are always fun, and it seemed to be well-received. And anytime you can use anime eyes, well, you have to.

The animation was fairly straightforward, albeit rather tedious. For the audio syncing of the pincers with the voice I applied an Audio parameter to the Z axis of the Rotation for the pincer ‘claws’ and for the joints that connect them to the face. I played around with the ceiling and floor of the frequencies until I found something that worked. For the legs I was originally going to animate all of the joints, but that would have taken way too long and I was running out of time. Since the movements were going to be fast enough, I made two objects out of the leg- one for the upper leg and one for the lower. I placed the anchor point for the upper leg at the connection to the body, and did the same for the lower leg where it met the joint of the upper leg. I then placed a Match Move parameter on the lower leg (essentially parenting in AE) and had it match the Position parameters and animation of the upper leg. It’s rotation was independent, however. This way, I was able to animate the upper leg and have the lower leg follow it, while adding some nuances of rotation for the lower leg here and there.

Pretty easy stuff. Just takes awhile.

My good friend Janelle supplied the voiceover for this piece, and did a great job.


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By deviantmonk

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