Senior Shoot: Josh Chalker


Photo shoot with Josh Chalker



This past Wednesday we headed down to the Crossroads district for a photo shoot with Josh Chalker.

Even though the day started off hot, by the time we started shooting it had cooled off a bit and wasn’t too bad.

This shoot was a lot of fun, even though I still had to wear a mask outside. Yeah… temps in the 80’s with a procedural mask collecting the condensation from every breath… in a word, lovely.

I was a little nervous since this was going to be one of the first times where I have needed to be this active for more than hour at a time, but my body held up pretty well as far as I can tell. Once you get into that zone you just kind of want to keep going. I felt great the whole time and it was a great experience. Everyone was very happy with how the pictures turned out.



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