A year ago today my life changed in the most incredible way possible- I married the love of my life! Megan is the most amazing girl I have ever known, and I find myself having to use superlatives in nearly every description of her because of the paltry ability of words to communicate what cannot even be grasped in either my intellect or imagination.

I generally like to do special creative things for important events and such, and I couldn’t imagine a more auspicious occasion, so I determined to create a few hand-made items for my bride to show her how much I love her.

The first was an early gift, and she essentially witnessed its creation. This last week we had a day off because of a blizzard, so we both took time to make some craft-type items. I had this idea in my head the last time I saw some candy that I would make something entirely out of candy, so what better way to make an anniversary present than with the perennial favorite, the Sweetheart?

I bought about 3 giant bags of them, along with a few large, thin canvases. Since the candy was going to comprise the majority of the gift, I needed something solid that wouldn’t give. These canvases worked perfectly. I emptied all the bags of candy on the floor, and then spread ModPodge row by row, affixing each piece of candy individually. It was rather tedious, but also rather delicious. I remember hese candies being chalky and disgusting, but perhaps in recent years they have modified the recipe, because they actually are pretty good.

For this piece, I sort of arranged a heart shape outline of candy in the middle of the canvas and then built out from there. Once I had all the rows that surrounded the heart filled in, it was pretty straightforward to simply go row by row until the canvas was filled. The candies were not as perfectly shaped as I had hoped, and I was originally going to stagger them so they would kind of sit in between each other, but I soon found that they were too random in shape to do that, so I eventually decided to just stack them right on top of each other.

All in all, it probably took about 6 or 7 hours to complete this piece. For the middle I drew a heart in pencil, and then printed out the label and affixed it with clear Scotch tape to give it that truly home-made feel. One unanticipated result was that all the candies combined onto the canvas created a sugary sweet aroma that was really nice, enhancing its overall aesthetic. Megan really liked it, so it was a success!

The second piece was created about an hour before I gave Megan some other gifts. While she was teaching Confirmation this afternoon, I snuck away to some stores to get some items for our celebration. After wrapping some gifts, I wanted to hand make a card, so I found some random items laying around our apartment and utilized them to make this.

The base layer was the backing cardboard to a drawing pad, and the layer on top of that was the cardstock from some greeting card that we had received. We had the Sunday paper from last week still in its bag, so I emptied the contents and tore out some scraps from the Home and Health section, mostly because that’s what I grabbed first. I found an intriguing looking ‘L’ in our box of craft supplies, and finally sharpened a pencil and wrote “ove” on the green-ish paper. On the back I used some more newspaper scraps and wrote some personal notes to my lovely wife. Another win!

Megan, I love you. 🙂


By deviantmonk

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