Resist Easter


Over the past two weeks Megan and I have been developing a Lenten series graphics package called Resist Easter.

It’s an Easter meets the Screwtape Letters sort of thing, and brings a twist to the traditional approach to Easter by imagining the forces of darkness and evil forming an underground resistance to the Incarnation, using the motif of propaganda posters from different eras employed by resistance cells under enemy occupation.

We decided on five different propaganda posters, one for each regular Sunday in Lent, followed by an optional overlay with the .psd files which is a hand-painted ‘He Lives’ for Easter Sunday, as if the resistance has been crushed and all the propaganda materials have been defaced.

Anyway, it was a fun project to work on, and has all kinds of collateral including bulletin shells, postcards, slides, and banners, all of which can be found at



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