Photography: North


This past week Megan and I headed up north for a little bit of a vacation.

Our first stop was in Cincinnati, where we visited my brother Joel, his wife Brooke and my niece Ashlyn. Among other auspicious events, we attended the Berry Festival, which was notable for having only one actual instance of anything related to berries. At any rate, Ashlyn had some fun on the rides, and particular the Foam-tastic pool, which was basically a large portable pool filled with foam.

A couple days later we headed up to Cleveland, and then immediately ventured north of the border to Canada. Megan’s grandparents took us to Niagara-On-The-Lake, where we stayed at an awesome Bed & Breakfast. Naturally, we spent a few minutes at the Falls, but probably more time in both the Irish and Scottish stores.

Anyway, we took the camera along and caught a few moments, which you will find below for your perusal and potential enjoyment.



By deviantmonk

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