Photography: Kara & David


This past weekend I had what amounted to my first ever photo shoot that didn’t:

1. involve my wife (as the subject)

2. involve food

3. involve trees or flowers

Rather, we headed to downtown KC with Megan’s brother David and his girlfriend Kara to get some fun shots.

It was hot! And I mean that literally, as the temperature hovered in the mid to high 90’s the entire time. However, we were not deterred, and armed with some water bottles, a couple Canon T2i’s and a sense of adventure, we managed to get some great shots.

Downtown Kansas City is replete with amazing places to get photos, with so many interesting buildings, nooks, crannies, alleys, mirrored buildings that they kick you out of because they don’t want you to accidentally get shots of stuff inside, whatever that may be… oh wait. Yeah, that actually happened.

All in all, it was a really fun experience, one that I hope can happen again sometime. Thanks Kara and David for a really fun afternoon!

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