Photography: Janelle & Brandon


This past Sunday I had another fun photo shoot with my friends Janelle and Brandon Gregory. They are really fun to hang out with, and also fun to take pictures of!

I was a little worried, as it started raining a little bit on the way to the location, but about the time we stopped the cars it had abated, and ended up being quite a lovely day for taking some photos. The sun was a little uncooperative, peeking out from the clouds at random and usually inopportune times, and the wind decided that ruffled hair would be a good luck for the day, but all in all I think it turned out pretty well.

We took most of these pictures in Lenexa, KS, and many of the shots were nearby to Brandon’s work. There are always some trains sitting on the tracks, so we availed ourselves of them to get some fun shots. Throw in a dumpster, an old brick wall and the field behind Brandon’s work, and you have some great shots of a great couple.

Thanks again to the Gregory’s for giving me some more practice!



By deviantmonk

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