Photography: Downtown Wichita


This past weekend Megan and I took a trip down to Wichita to see my family and just enjoy a relaxing few days away from KC. As usual, we made the pilgrimage to The Nifty Nut House and The Spice Merchant. However, this time while we were in downtown Wichita we decided to take some pictures of some of the brilliant architecture.

Downtown Wichita, like many downtown areas, is a decided study in contrasts, with its share of degradation side-by-side with some truly magnificent beauty. It is, in a sense, a sort of microcosm of human nature, with a latent beauty and goodness often disguised beneath a veneer of ruin and devastation.

But I digress. Wichita has some incredible church architecture, and we wanted to capture a small selection of that. These photos are of First Presbyterian Church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and a random historic building. In a stroke of luck, there was also this old VW van in extremely good condition parked across from First Presbyterian that I decided to throw into the mix. (Actually, Megan was the one who found it, so the credit for the find is hers!)

These photos are all HDR, which is always tricky without a tripod, (which I still need to get…) but Photomatix Pro does a good job of aligning them to make up for my shaky hands! The breakdown of the shots is this:

Canon T2i
Photomatix Pro
Topaz Lens Effects
Topaz Adjust
Photoshop CS5


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