Photography: Cutter Gage


Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to have a photo shoot with Cutter Gage. Cutter is one of my colleagues at work and is an extremely talented musician/songwriter/worship leader.

He also has amazing shoes.


Anyway, we headed down towards the River Market area of Kansas City and wandered around between that the Crossroads district, which is essentially made up of a lot of old abandoned buildings (well, some are abandoned) which naturally makes for some good photo shoot opportunities. It was right near the beginning of the heat wave which has enveloped the Midwest, so it wasn’t too bad, but still pretty hot!

Be sure to check out the photos and definitely check out Cutter’s music. You can find him on Facebook or take a look at his blog. He can also be found tweeting in the Twitterverse.


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By deviantmonk

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