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On Wednesday and Friday of last week I had the incredible opportunity to visit a few local Kansas City area churches and take some pictures of their interiors. There is definitely some beautiful architecture and religious artwork in Kansas City, and so I thought I would share.

This first group is from Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. Our Lady of Sorrows is filled with light stained glass windows, and the walls and floor are light in color, so as you walk in during the day it is filled with light. There is this amazing scene of the crucifixion behind the altar (which you will see below) that immediately focuses your attention and leaves no doubt as to what the intention of this space is.

This next batch is from Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral. Grace and Holy Trinity is the quintessential embodiment of how I imagine a traditional English church. As you walk into the sanctuary it feels as if you have entered a different world in a sense- the dark stone walls kind of give the feeling that the room is closing in on you, but the incredible stained glass windows let light pour into the room, and so there is this very surreal interplay of darkness and light and it congeals around the altar as the focal point, thus directing your gaze in one direction. It evokes a sense of mystery that you simply do not get in a sanctuary that could double as a gymnasium.

This grouping of pictures is from St. Ann Catholic Church. St. Ann’s has the altar in the center of the room, and the pews encircle it. On the walls surrounding the altar are these depictions of the stations of the cross, which are actually fairly large. There are also these niches which have statues of different saints (I remember St. Ann and St. Martin) in front of stained glass windows, which creates an surreal glow around them. It is a very beautiful space.

And finally some pictures from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Immaculate Conception has some very impressive stained glassed windows, and on the altar is this crucifix that becomes the focal point of the entire room. It is such a visceral image- the depiction of so much pain surrounded by so much beauty, but in such a way that the beauty seems to emanate from the crucifix, thus becoming in itself a visual way to do theology.


  • Absolutely stunning work. I am awed and humbled at such amazing works. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to what more you capture!

  • I love the pics. Those are inspiring works of art.
    “It evokes a sense of mystery that you simply do not get in a sanctuary that could double as a gymnasium.”
    Ha, yeah. And I don’t know what to do about that either. It would be nice to evoke more mystery in our protestant sanctuaries, but evoking can be pricey.
    Anyway, great work

  • Going well, I need to stop over at your blog more often. I’m been listening to some Orthodox podcasts lately. Sometimes I think theologically that’s more what I am and that Wesleyan theology is just the closest I can come as a Protestant. Your pics just made me think of the Orthodox sanctuary and how art and tradition is used to set aside a place as holy.
    Feel free to steal that line – I’m honored.

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