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I finished up a couple of new videos this past week and thought I would share.

The first is a promo for rezlife’s Souper Bowl Food Drive. I wanted to do something fun that also communicated what the event was about. Since the re-appropriation of ‘Super Bowl’ is often frowned upon by its trademark owners, I decided to subtly take a shot at it. So instead of straightforward-ly (not a word, I know) trying to get some obvious mileage out of alluding to one of the biggest sporting events of the year, I tried to do something with the implication that fighting hunger in Kansas City is like the aforementioned event, excepting there is more soup involved. A stretch? Sure. Does it matter? Not a bit.

The second is a promo for KidsCOR’s upcoming Parenting the Faith Journey conference. This one was pretty straight-forward…there are 5 ‘Faith Passages’ that they wanted highlighted, along with a sort of loose ‘hiking’ theme. I chose to go this route to give the sense of movement from passage to passage, with some subtle hints along with each one to speak it what it was about. My goal was mostly to keep it moving and give the sense that parenting is journey that has all kinds of twists and turns and ups and downs.

Lastly, I was taking some pictures of the snow yesterday over lunch, and decided to put the T2i into video mode. I didn’t really plan on making anything out of it, but I put it together into a quick video to tell Megan “I Love You!.” (Sometime when it’s snowing again I want to re-record some of the tree shots (so I can get more footage and not slow them down as much, plus maybe put it on a tripod so I don’t have to correct the camera shake in post and get the funny wobbling… that and actually put on a coat and some proper footwear so I am not freezing!)

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