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Megan and I finally got a prime lens this week- Canon’s 50mm 1.4. We end up doing a lot of photography for Megan’s food site- The Fresh Fridge– so getting a good prime lens was an inevitability. Our apartment, while having a lovely view of a tiny forested area with a creek immediately behind it, simultaneously suffers from a lack of good natural light. Since the trees are so close, for most of the day it reduces the ambient light rather significantly, making food photography even more difficult than it normally is. During the winter months, noon is essentially the only time to get a decent picture, in that the sun is not directly on the subject, but enough light gets in to adequately illuminate things.

The 1.4 definitely aids us in this respect- I am able to have the ISO down at 100 and the lens at 2.0 and still get shots that aren’t under-exposed. The 1.4, though twice as expensive as its cousin the 1.8, certainly makes the difference for us, in that I can set it higher and still get a sharp image.

Anyway, I’ve been snapping some pics over the last two days, and here are a few that I think turned out really well. We are looking forward to learning this lens and hopefully getting some great shots and memories out of it!


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