Nelson-Atkins Photo Shoot


Today Megan and I headed down to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO. It has become one of our favorite spots to walk around, get some exercise, and take in some great artwork and photography. I didn’t realize until today that you could actually take photos inside as long as you keep the flash off, so we strapped on the 50mm and trekked down to the Plaza for a great afternoon.

The Nelson-Atkins has a great selection of different genres of art: classical and baroque paintings and sculptures, ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Native American art, British pottery, historical photography and contemporary art. While I find the contemporary art section a little lacking, they do have one section where they continually feature different photographers. It is always an interesting experience to see how different people approach the field of photography, and so there is always something intriguing.

Of course, some of the paintings they have are simply amazing, and even after seeing them a dozen times there is always something new to notice or appreciate about truly great works of art.

We had a great time with the camera, and I hope you enjoy some of our shots!

*As always, click on the image to open the lightbox to get a bigger image. Plus, you can easily scroll through without having to back out and re-click!


By deviantmonk

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