Motion: rezlife 2011-2012


Every year for rezlife student ministries I end up creating a entire package of design collateral: a brochure, (this year a booklet) connection cards, signage, screen graphics, etc. Along with that I also make an intro video. This year was especially tricky in that I wasn’t really feeling any ideas for it, even up to the point of making it.

However, crunch time has a way of forcing you to generate ideas, so I finally decided that since the rest of the collateral has a kind of organic, hand-made feel, the video should as well. So I opted for a stop motion.

Stop-motion pieces are fun to make and hopefully fun to watch, but they can be really tedious. Megan and I spent quite a few hours cutting and pasting and cutting some more. Once we started shooting, I basically stood behind the camera and took the shots while she made every movement for the entirety of the video. That’s love.


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By deviantmonk

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