Motion: Priorities


This video and graphics package is for rezlife’s current teaching series: Priorities.

With this series I knew I wanted to really strip it down, going as simplistic as possible. With a series called “Priorities,” there any number of directions to pursue. I started thinking about what things define us in the modern world, especially younger people, and I was immediately struck by how attached most of us are to our smartphones.

Whether calling (does anyone actually use a smart phone for that?) or texting or surfing the internets, these devices can give you a feeling of dependence on being connected. During the message tonight, Jason Gant talked about how sometimes we even carry them from room to room, and how many of us would rather lose our wallet than our smartphone.

Anyway, I thought the smartphone direction was a good start, but I wanted to give it a little bit of sarcasm. I remember the overdone scene in any number of movies or tv shows where a couple is running towards each other, either on a beach or through a field, to finally meet in the middle and embrace. I decide to try and be clever by giving it a misdirection- the payoff doesn’t come until the very end, and then it’s brief, but hopefully effective.

One of the things I like about this is how you really don’t know what’s going on until the conclusion, and then everything falls into place immediately. I think it gives it some added interest, hopefully. 🙂


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