Motion: Issues


This video is for rezlife’s upcoming series Issues. The series itself is going to deal with some fairly heavy topics, so they wanted the graphics and video to be light-hearted. I decided on going with Sven the Cow because, well, why not? Sometimes sheer randomity is the best policy, in my opinion.



  • Jason, may I just say, you are my graphic design hero. I am blown away by how cool your old-school, handmade style is. Where do you get your ideas, your imagery? I would love to learn any tips you might have.

  • Sharon- thanks!

    As far as my ideas- no clue. Mostly I try to break a concept down into its most elemental component, and then find an unexpected or interesting way of talking about it.

    For example, with this one I broke it down into the basic idea of issues, and how everyone has them. I then started thinking about what if something other than a human being was to talk about the issues they have, and I instantly thought of a cow, for whatever reason. From there it was just a matter of thinking of some issues a cow might have.

    The imagery I often find on the Wikimedia Commons. It has a ton of public domain imagery. Check it out.

By deviantmonk

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