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This is a video for rezlife’s 2011-2012 Sunday School curriculum, Character.

This year is a focus on the Old Testament, as related mostly through the people who encapsulate most of its story. Thus, characters like Moses, Abraham, David, Adam and Eve, etc., form the nucleus of the curriculum’s content. Of course, the title Character is multi-faceted, since it not only deals with the characters of the Old Testament but also the character that is evidenced through their lives and the choices they make.

As I was thinking about what to do with this video, I tried to break down the Old Testament into some basic ideas that would reflect both aspects of character. Since there are too many people and stories in the Old Testament to make into a 35 second video, I opted for using some of the stories and essentially abstracting them from their particular contexts to sort of revolve around this one idea that comes at the end: Everything we do matters.

And I think that is one crucial lesson we learn from the Old Testament. It is full of stories of people who, through many different circumstances, come face to face with a choice- to do good or to do evil, to stay or to go, to obey God or to harden their heart, etc. And through these choices many different things are realized, from the fall of humanity to the wandering in the desert to the dividing of a kingdom.

The bottom line is that all these things come about because of the choices we are given every day. While the decisions we make may not seem that grand, it is perhaps in the seeming banality of these day-to-day decisions that we make to follow God or to not follow God that our true character is revealed and developed.

Anyway, those were just some of the thoughts that were going through my head as I was developing this piece.



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