Jesu, Rex Admirabilis


This hauntingly captivating piece is from Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, who was one of the most influential composers of the Renaissance.


Jesu, rex admirabilis
et triumphator nobilis,
dulcedo ineffabilis,
totus desiderabilis,

mane nobiscum, Domine,
et nos illustra lumine,
pulsa mentis caligine,
mundum reple ducedine.


Jesu, Prince ever-glorious!
Thou Lord of Hosts victorious!
Of radiance more than marvelous’
Master, be ruler over us!

Dwell, Lord, with us, and grant we may
Behold Thy light upon our way;
Scatter night’s gloom, and so array
Earth, as heaven, in noon bright day.

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