This was a pretty fun postcard to work on. I got the idea of making this into a wanted poster by thinking about how no matter how many times I try to bowl with any semblance of skill, I always fail miserably, and there are these rogue pins taunting me with another shot at them.

Granted, I am a terrible bowler, and half of the time I try to go for a more stylistic approach, which generally means doing a full 360 before actually releasing the ball. Needless to say, my scores rarely break 100.

On an interesting side note, Megan and I were originally considering having our wedding reception at Incred-A-Bowl. I know it sounds weird, but they do have a very nice event space in another room at the facility. The logistics didn’t work out, so we ended up not using it, but if you do need something like that, check it out. 🙂

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By deviantmonk

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