High Definition Really (Awesome.)


I decided to try my hand at some HDR pics over this weekend while Megan and I were in Wichita visiting my family. Megan and my mom made some really tasty Spring Rolls, and I thought they might make a nice subject. At any rate they were delightful.

Earlier today at lunch we were all suggesting suggestions in a suggestive way, (ok, that sounds weird…so maybe not in a ‘suggestive way’, but more in a ‘here is a suggestion I am offering that you can attempt to squeeze an unwarranted amount of alliteration out of later’ way… ) and Jared suggested ‘High Definition Really Awesome.’ Naturally, that one won. Anyway…

WordPress kind of kills the colors and detail when it compresses the image down, so be sure to click for all spring roll-y goodness.

This is my first go at HDR, so be kind. The relevant tools used are listed below:

handheld Canon T2i
50mm 1.4
Photomatix Pro
Topaz DeNoise
Topaz Adjust

The only question is that if an HDR image makes you hungry, do you have to satisfy that hunger with HDR food? I may be biased, but I think Megan’s food qualifies as such. 🙂

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