Extreme Adventure 2011


rezlife’s 2011 Extreme Adventure retreat is coming up, (can you believe it is November already!) and so we have begun promoting it and opening up registration. This is a postcard we will be sending out.

I don’t usually use this kind of color combination, and it was more of an accident than anything, but as I was working through it, I kind of liked it and it grew on me, so I decided to go with it. At first I didn’t have the desaturated background in there, and it felt kind of muddy and bleh, but once I did, it really made the rest of it come alive, creating a nice contrast that forces one’s eyes to the title, then the pictures, and then the content, which I think is good hierarchy of visual value for this piece.

Lastly, I decided to have the title come right up to the edge to give it a feeling that it was kind of trying to burst out of its boundaries- it makes your eye want to imagine it terminating somewhere, but since it doesn’t the resulting feeling is that there is something more than what is being displayed, which is precisely the type of feeling (however subtle it may be) that one wants from this type of promotional material, imo. 🙂

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By deviantmonk

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