Design: rezlife 2011-2012 booklet


Every fall for the past five years I have designed a promotional/informational flyer for rezlife Student Ministries. Generally we do a 8.5×14 folded flyer, but every year more and more content has had need to be included. The flyer originally consisted of some pictures of the meeting space, (the Student Center) a few quotes from some volunteers and a brief overview of some of the ministries. However, over the last few years as the ministry has grown and expanded any kind of catch-all informational packet has felt more and more incomplete, and as an informational piece really wasn’t accomplishing it’s purpose by trying to cram a lot of info into a small space.

This year they decided on going with a booklet, to better facilitate a sectioning of information as well as making this piece essentially an all-inclusive introduction to the ministry as a whole for someone who may be unfamiliar with its purpose and ministry philosophy, program times, events and summer activities and staff.

This was originally supposed to be 12 pages, but it grew to be about 16 pages when all was said and done. All of the spreads had to be made digitally by hand, so it was certainly not a quick project.

I wanted to have each page have its own feel, yet have an overall cohesiveness. I decide to go with this hand-made organic feel so I could have greater latitude with each individual page while still keeping it all together under an over-arching design aesthetic.

We opted to have it printed through, and we were extremely happy with the quality and fast turnaround. These ended up on a semi-glossy paper, which is heavy enough to have a very sturdy feel without feeling bulky. I was surprised at how well they nailed the layout in the booklet form, as some print-on-demand places are hit-or-miss with booklets. If you are ever looking to outsource a booklet, I highly recommend them. One of the best aspects is their service- early in the morning on which we needed to send them the final .PDF I had a few questions about setting it up for them. I was able to quickly connect via an online chat session with one of their print reps who was able to answer my questions. Check them out.

Anyway, I snapped some pics of the whole booklet, although one of the spreads ended up a bit blurry. A thousand pardons.


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