Design: Handmade Hanging Picture Frame


Every so often I manage to have a night free to spend time with Megan, and one of the things we like to do together is to have what we call “art night.” We will set up a card table in the living room, scatter magazines, scraps of paper, tape, glue, paints, canvases, books, cardboard and whatever else we can find on the floor, put on a movie, and simply allow our creativity to take us wherever it wants to go.

The other night was one of those nights. We have some 4×6 pictures (amazing job, Dustin!) from our wedding (which was awesome!) that I have been wanting to do something creative with, and so I thought it might be fun to make some handmade picture frames for some of them.

This first one utilizes the cardboard from an empty box, some scrapbook paper, thread and twine. For whatever reason I seem to really like the idea of sewing through anything I can manage to pierce with a needle, and cardboard is no different. It’s also not terribly easy to do by hand. Often I had to use a plastic bottle cap as leverage to get the needle through!

All in all, I was really happy with how this one turned out. We even got to watch a couple of sweet movies during the process- How To Train Your Dragon and A Man for All Seasons, two of my all-time favorites. Yes, the Watson household has quite the eclectic taste in movies! You may be asking yourself- “It really took you four hours to make this thing?”

Yes, it did. In my defense I was distracted by adorable dragons and admirable saints.


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By deviantmonk

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