Design: College Life Flyer


This is an informational flyer I made for College Life for summer 2011.

Lately I’ve been kind of into really simple colors that complement each other, (not necessarily in the sense of complementary colors, though) and for this one I was going for a more iconic, elegant feel rather than making something busy and complicated.

Actually, I got some inspiration from the Anthropologie website, even though this looks nothing like it.

I think that for my creative process, inspiration comes from other designs not in the sense of “hey, that would be a cool look to go for;” rather, there is usually one small element that will spark a completely different idea. For example, with this piece the inspiration from Anthropologie was not from the overall aesthetic of the website. I happened to see a link that someone posted on Facebook, and in the little square thumbnail that Facebook generates I saw Anthropologie’s ‘A,’ which then sparked the idea for the rest of it. In the end, I built the whole piece around the elegant serif typeface that I used for “College Life.”

During the creative process, I think far too many people look at other designs with the idea of which elements they can mimic, copy or use. It’s far more profitable, in my opinion, to allow other works to inspire you in different directions, not only because it allows you to create something that comes from yourself, but also because I think that is how creative inspiration is supposed to work.


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