College Life 2010 Flyer


Just finished this one up a couple days ago, and made some last minute modifications. (that aren’t reflected here, since they were only textual.) This is a two-sided flyer for the College Life ministry at Church of the Resurrection.

I had previously made some business cards that had thins kind of look and feel going on, so I wanted to have the flyer have a similar design aesthetic without being the same. Some scissors, masking tape and a scanner later, it was complete!

This is a mash-up of actual paper, tape and the like with digital imagery. I started doodling some letters in pencil, and I was originally going to do all of ‘College Life’ in the style of lettering that the ‘C’ and ‘L’ are in, but decided to just do those two letters. (I may have done an ‘O’ as well, but it didn’t make it into this piece.) I then printed out ‘ollege’ and ‘life’, cut them out from the paper, tore up a crayon box, wrapped some tape around it and then scanned them. I had to go at it a few times because I wasn’t getting the right kind of contrast, but after a few attempts I had something I could work with. I ended up having to adjust the levels in Photoshop to get it to look right, however.

For the final piece, I actually ended up cloning out the printed text on the back and then re-entered it in Photoshop, because in my scan the text was getting too fuzzy and I was afraid it was going to be more difficult to read. So I simply took the text I had printed out and put it in digitally in Photoshop. I then grouped it into a smart object and added a tiny bit of blur to soften the edges a bit and simulate the scanned feel a little.

Overall, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The blue-ish stripes on the back were a last-minute thing, mostly because I remembered having thought about doing stripes for something, but I couldn’t remember what, so I just added them in here. I toyed around with their placement and coverage for a bit, but finally landed on the current position, because I felt it helped to compose the front a little more- having the most prominent visual elements filling the right with the negative space towards the left draws your eye away from the space to the text, but also leaves it feeling open with feeling cramped. At the very least I thought it worked well.

And I was able to work a candy wrapper into it, which is always a plus. 🙂

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