Reckless Love Isn’t Good Enough

In recent weeks there have been mini-furors in the worship music world concerning the song Reckless Love which has been making the usual rounds. Front and center are primarily reactions to the appropriateness of the term “reckless” vis-a-vis God’s love, and whether such terminology has its place in corporate worship. The author has weighed in, explaining the meaning behind his use of “reckless,”...

Worship in the Right Clothes

Many years ago when I was a teenager, I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in helping him film a wedding. He had a video production business and needed a second camera operator for the day, and even though I had no real experience, I guess he assumed I caught on to things quickly. Or perhaps he just needed a warm body to push the big red “record” button. You can probably safely assume...

Fast Food Worship

The other day Megan and I went to Sonic to grab some slushes. We brought both of the puppies along, with the idea of getting them what I call “Puppy Tots,” which are basically just tater tots that become fodder for gaping puppy maws. Of course, they loved them. Curious as to Sonic’s version of tater tots, I tried one for myself. Of course, it was terrible. At first it has a reasonably good taste...

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