How Art Keeps You In Purgatory

Beauty has a way of transfixing our attention, and in some cases even transfiguring it. Art in its myriad forms can promise transcendence, as it beckons the viewer to the Beauty behind all beauty. In this sense it can be a rung on the ladder to the divine; sometimes a stark and shocking vision of glory that shakes off the encrustation of the mundane, and sometimes a subtle and persistent reminder...

How to Get God Wrong Wrong

Internet lists have become a rather ubiquitous (if not annoying) thing, and can range anywhere from the banal to… hmmm- well, whatever is slightly above banal. The best ones (by which I mean most amusing) are those which try to bring some sort of persuasiveness to an argument, either for or against something. And the cream of the crop naturally comes when someone tries to convince you that...

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